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At Marvel Golden Retriever Pups, our puppies are home raised in a smoke free environment - We take placement of our puppies very seriously because we are more concerned of their wellbeing than the money

Our family is a home and hobby breeder, and we have owned Golden Retriever above two decades. Our dogs receive love and attention round the clock, as our puppies. With the help of my gracious partner, children and grand children we are able to raise super healthy puppies and we continue a deep rooted PASSION for this wonderful Puppy breed. We do not kennel our dogs ( We think if we ever attempted it even for short periods during the day, they would think it was the end of the world!! LOL!), or leave them outside for long periods of time.

We are proud of ourselves at the fact that all of our dogs see us on a daily basis and they are raised with immeasurable care and love and always in good health because we vet check the regularly . They beg for ‘human food’, they trip me, they may even drive me bonkers, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. If you think we’re crazy for having all of our kids live indoors, then I guess we are. Our dogs are given fresh fruits and veggies daily. They love the summertime when Watermelon is in season! They also enjoy blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, apples, blackberries, bananas, spinach, carrots and all sorts of melons! And YES they love it!! We do not give our dogs ‘treats’ off of the shelves.

A Golden Retriever is a group canine. They excitedly need to meet everybody, outsiders, different dogs, different creatures, any individual who they think will care much about them. Assuming you’re not a social individual and hate meeting new individuals, a golden isn’t the right canine for you. A golden needs to be friends with everybody, even outsiders that go to your entryway. Try not to anticipate that they should protect your home from a thief. I mean sure golden retriever puppies near me will bark at outsiders, however, when a more unusual methodology golden retriever will sway their tail and welcome them happily and most likely hope to get petted.


Country of Origin: The Golden Retriever Dog(also known as Yellow Retriever) has one of the most well documented and successful breeding histories amongst dogs. It was bred in England in the 1800’s to push through heavy foliage and swim in cold water for long distances, gently retrieving game. Golden Retriever Dogs were brought to America in 1900 and first recognized as a distinct breed in 1912. They went quickly from being a well-liked hunting dog to a fashionable show and obedience dog, to an extremely popular pet.

Size: The Golden Retriever Dog has a shoulder height of 51-61 cm (20-24 in) and weighs 25-34 kg (55-75 lbs). Golden Retrievers have a broad, rounded skull, short ears, round feet and thick, flat tails. They have black noses and kind, brown eyes.

Coat: The Golden Retriever has a double coat which comes in various shades of gold or cream (it should not be red). The outer coat is smooth, wavy and water resistant and the undercoat is thick, soft, and weather resistant. The tail and legs have longer hair. The Golden Retriever sheds heavily.

Character: The Golden Retriever is very noble, self-confident, sensitive, intelligent, and adaptable. They are one of the world’s most popular pets and make great companions. Golden Retrievers are sturdy, strong, and kind, known for their adeptness at hunting and their strength of character. Golden Retrievers bark infrequently, but do bark when startled, making them poor guard dogs.

Temperament: Golden Retriever Dogs easily get along well with their friends and companions, but can be belligerent with unknown visitors. They get along especially well with children, with whom they are gentle and patient. They are also friendly with other dogs and other household pets. The Golden Retriever is very devoted to family, and eager to please. The Golden Retriever is simply loving and loveable!

Care: The Golden Retriever requires regular grooming with a brush and comb at least twice a week. The ears should always be kept clean. The Golden Retriever should not be kept outdoors. If they are left alone frequently or for extended periods of time, they will become unhappy and mischievous. Skin allergies may occur, and should be examined by a veterinarian immediately. Golden Retrievers live 10-12 years.

Training: The Golden Retriever is particularly easy to train. They are very sensitive to harsh treatment, so excessive strictness is not recommended. They learn very quickly and are extremely adaptable, making them perfect for therapy or service jobs. Golden Retrievers can learn many tricks and will remember what they are taught for the rest of their lives. Obedience classes are recommended.

Activity: Golden Retrievers have above average needs for exercise, although they will adapt themselves to the exercise habits of your family. The Golden Retriever requires frequent human interaction. It should be challenged with obedience lessons or allowed to retrieve or play active games. Golden Retrievers tend to be more active in the morning and at night than in the middle of the day.this breed are very friendly with other dogs.